Just Yesterday Once More

In those moments, I knew that this trip was special. I knew that I would never forget it. I knew the friendships I had made and bonds I had created were going to last a lifetime, but I wasn’t ready to leave them yet.

Missing My Cup Of Tea

My dad always told me that whenever I had the opportunity to travel to the UK, to drink tea, because that’s just what they do! This was my chance.

One Moment To Another

While there were many moments in Wales, Sports Link’s Zach Roy blogs about one specific moment he will always remember.

The Beautiful Game

Being able to travel to UK, the home of football, felt like a pilgrimage and going to the Cardiff City match felt like going into a cathedral of worship.

Breaking Bread At Pen Y Fan

When Sports Link announced the opportunity to travel to Cardiff for our Transatlantic Storytelling project, I had no idea that it would turn into the best trip of my life.

10 Days With A Purpose

Sports Link’s Jared Frank blogs about making the most of his 10 days on the ground in Wales as part of the Transatlantic Storytelling project.


In the Welsh language we have a word called “Hiraeth”. It doesn’t have a direct English translation but it basically means a longing for something, someone or somewhere.

The Happiest I’ve Ever Been

I have always wanted to study abroad but never really thought it was a possibility for me and I did not think it fit with my major. I was very wrong to think this, however.

Photos: Seena Greiwe

Ball State Sports Link student producer Seena Greiwe shares some of her most memorable photos from the trip to Cardiff, Wales.

Will Godwin

Will Godwin is a student at Cardiff Met, who started his athletic career as a triathlete and rower until two freak accidents changed his life.