Video: Sam Gordon Vlogs

As the postproduction continues for our Transatlantic Storytelling documentary, one of the film’s featured athletes, Sam Gordon, vlogs from Cardiff.

Gordon is the fastest man in Wales and sprinting towards the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo in the 100-meter dash and as member of the Great Britain relay team.

An alum of Cardiff Met, Gordon hopes to become the first Welsh runner to register a 100m sprint in less than 10 seconds.  He currently holds the Welsh record at 10.08 seconds (with wind assistance).

During the team’s visit to Cardiff, student producers Zach Roy and Faith Denig, along with program director Chris Taylor, filmed Gordon for his first exclusive documentary.

Gordon’s feature will also air as part of the overall Transatlantic Storytelling 2020 Documentary, scheduled for a release in Summer 2020, also being produced by the Ball State team.  Roy is the film’s overall executive producer, while all 12 students are segment producers.

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