Athlete Blog: Lydia Hitchings

Ryan Klimcak interviews Lydia Hitchings
<strong>Lydia Hitchings</strong>
Lydia Hitchings

Lydia Hitchings is a professional netball player with a goal of playing in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Towards the end of February, I received an email from Chris Taylor and Jared Frank at Ball State University. They were inquiring about availability to check in and schedule a video call to explain what the forthcoming weeks would entail. 

I had been slightly briefed by Cardiff Met about this upcoming opportunity, however, it was really great to hear exactly what was happening, and what role I was playing for the making of this exciting documentary.

Both Chris and Jared were very accommodating, and managed to Skype from university campus, even on a Saturday morning!

The team arrived in Wales in the last week of February, and I received a message from Jared on the next Monday, the week they were getting into the filming.

I came over from the Cardiff Met Llandaff campus (where I study), and met some of the guys who were based in one of the media classrooms at Cyncoed campus. We planned pieces of my story for the week.

It was so great to meet them and they all seemed really excited to smash though their busy timetable for the week! 

Ryan Klimcak, Brad Dailey and Jared Frank in the studio.


So filming started on Tuesday, when Jared, Brad Dailey and Ryan Klimcak interviewed me in my Print Workshop, on campus. I study Textiles, so I think it was quite nice to show them a bit about my course and where I come to print on fabric. 

The guys were so nice and enthusiastic, and explained exactly what I needed to talk about. I felt really comfortable sharing my life and sporting journey with them. 

Later that evening, Jared and Tristan Russell headed to House of Sport, and recorded some footage of me training with my local netball club.

On Wednesday evening, I had my weights session with the Wales team, at another university just outside of Cardiff. It was really inspiring to see Jared, along with Met students Roz Slade and Robert Wheeler getting creative and using different angles, and cameras like the GoPro.  

Then on Thursday, I was studying at Llandaff and Jared messaged to see if I was free to do the last short bit of filming. I met him in the Cardiff School of Art & Design building, and showed Jared my desk/ working space.

Cardiff Met School of Art & Design

I am currently creating three collections of designs for my final major project, so Jared was able to capture a bit of my mark making and drawings from my sketchbook, which leads onto my digital designing. 

When I reflect on that week, I feel really lucky and privileged to have been a part of this experience. Not only is it a great chance for the students at Ball State and Cardiff Met to be involved with creating this documentary, but as an athlete, it was a really pleasurable and memorable experience.

It was also really enjoyable to have the chance to share a bit of my sporting story and my journey through life so far. I really hope the guys at Ball State had an awesome trip here in Wales, and I will be following your progress with this exciting film!