Croeso To Transatlantic Storytelling

Croeso: Welcome in the Welsh language.

Our teams at Ball State and Cardiff Met are excited to welcome you to the official Transatlantic Storytelling website.

Over the days, weeks and months ahead, this site will be an “all-in-one-place” home for content from this amazing experience. There will be much more added to these pages and links in the days ahead.

You’ll meet the subjects of our documentary, see amazing photos and watch videos our team is producing. New blogs are being added frequently, not just from our students and staff, but also from many of our amazing subjects.

In time, this site will be the home for all of our individual feature stories, as well as the finished documentary.

Certainly, you’ll see our videos and photos on social media and elsewhere, but everything we produce can always be found here.

We felt this was an important way to capture the project. Hundreds of gigabytes of footage. Interviews with 20 individuals. Thousands of photos. An experience of a lifetime.

The domain will also be home to future trips and projects by students at both universities, because this is just the beginning of our global collaboration.

Transatlantic Storytelling is an immersive learning, global storytelling project between students at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana and Cardiff Metropolitan University in Cardiff, Wales.

Ball State students collaborated with Cardiff Met students on identifying, developing and producing feature stories on Welsh athletes. 

While on the ground in Cardiff, Wales, for 12 days in late February to March, students worked together to capture footage, scenes and interviews with the athletes.

Upon return to the United States and currently in postproduction, the features will be part of a documentary with international digital and linear distribution.

The overall Transatlantic Storytelling 2020 Documentary, scheduled for a release in Summer 2020, is being produced by the Ball State team.  Zach Roy is the film’s overall executive producer, while all 12 students are segment producers.

In 2019, Ball State and Cardiff Met agreed to a five-year understanding which recognizes the mutual benefits of an educational partnership, which in part will lead to collaboration, opportunities and faculty/student engagement.