Wales Operates With A Different Clock

I am not sure if the United Kingdom operates under a special kind of daily clock? It must be one that isn’t a full 24 hours.

Why? Because, there was something about those 12 days on the ground in Wales. Something so unique, that the day seemed to end before it started.

There was not a second I regret or wish I had back from the amazing stretch we experienced earlier this year in Wales. There were so many unique features to this trip that not only differ from other study abroad trips, but really any trip.

The voyage had a perfect split — work and play. Mornings featured tours of castles and professional athletic stadiums. Afternoons were devoted to working on our #TransatlanticStorytelling documentary which premieres June 30.

Then, even after action-packed days, we added our own action to the nights by diving into Welsh social culture and food. There wasn’t a stretch we weren’t doing something the entire 12 days.

Our group overlooking Cardiff during a tour of BBC Wales.

My favorite part of this experience was the collaboration our Ball State group had with the students from Cardiff Met. The group of Met Broadcast students were immediately open and inviting to all of us Americans. They took us out for food, provided transportation to our shoots and, of course, showed us the best spots to go around town.

It made me more comfortable being in a foreign land. It usually takes me a couple of days to adapt to a new location when I travel. But, having the students and staff there for guidance and questions helped me be comfortable as soon as we landed.

What started as a partnership, definitely blossomed as true lifelong friendships with the students from Cardiff. I know everyone on our trip can say this. We are still sharing stories and connected to each other throughout, even during this global pandemic.

We share a passion for sports, storytelling and producing creative content. Even when we weren’t working on our content, we all contributed on each other’s from filming, helping with interviews or grabbing whatever was needed. I think it shows in the final product.

Specifically, for me, this trip opened my eyes. Traveling has been something my family has done for years. But always inside of the States, and I was completely content. I never had an urge to travel internationally.

Now the urge is almost untamable. On Day 3 of being in Wales, I was already thinking about where else I would like to adventure — and when I could return to Cardiff.

This trip was a highlight of my life — an adventure I wouldn’t hesitate to do again. Cardiff is an amazing place, filled with even more amazing people.

Cheers, Blokes!

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