Video: Lydia Hitchings Amid COVID19 Lockdown

Wales and Cardiff Metropolitan University netballer Lydia Hitchings catches up with Cardiff Met Sport TV’s Gethin Stedman during the COVID-19 Lockdown.

The professional netball player and textile design student is featured in the upcoming Transatlantic Storytelling documentary schedule for release in Summer 2020.

“I felt really lucky to be part of this project,” Hitchings said. “I didn’t really know what I agreed to, but when they arrived and able to meet everyone it was so lovely. They are just top professionals and I am really excited to see the finished project.”

While on the ground in Cardiff, Wales, for 12 days in late February to March, students worked together to capture footage, scenes and interviews with the athletes. Upon return to the United States and currently in postproduction, the features will be part of a documentary with international digital and linear distribution.

Hitchings grew up, like most young girls do in Wales, playing the sport of netball. She was introduced to the sport at age seven and at age 14 was a member of nearly every after-school or competitive netball team she could find.

The complete interview from Cardiff Met Sport TV can be found here.

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